Lisa Fedro

My dog is beautiful !!! Love her so much. I wish the dog had arrived sooner, but it seems to depend on the breeder. Worth every penny.. I would recommend Gabriel Rottweiler Puppies if you’re willing to spend the money. Great communication.

Lewis Miller

Greetings to Gabriel Rottweiler Puppies . You may remember I’m the guy from Ontario Canada who bought from you like 9months ago. Just wanted to give you a little update to let you know he’s doing great. He’s brought a lot of happiness and laughter to the house since January. He’s the biggest clown I’ve ever seen. He’s almost a year old now and weighing 75lbs and he’s a happy healthy big baby .Just Hope all is well with you and thanks again for raising such a great puppy.

Marta Meyer

We were extremely pleased with our experience. We loved the updates on our puppy and the Puppy Managers were responsive, helpful and easy to reach. We couldn’t be happier with our puppy and appreciate the wonderful service!

Lupe Breunig

Little Jenny is the most beautiful dog in every way...not only is she absolutely stunning, but we are also really proud of how intelligent, peaceful, and all-around amazing she is. Thanks so much Gabriel Rottweiler Puppies.💕

Larry Hedrick

Our Rottie arrived about a week ago and we couldn’t be happier! He is healthy and definitely a great addition to our family. We were concerned about the delivery, about an 18 hour trip, but needlessly so. They kept us informed! We would definitely recommend Gabriel Rottweiler Puppies for your forever friend!

Dawn Fernandez

Just wanted to let you know that Jacob has adjusted quite nicely to his new surroundings and is already running like a trooper with his new siblings!! He is growing fast, understands the outside routine for going to the bathroom, and a phenomenal leash walker. Thanks again for bringing such beautiful pups into the world!! Very best regards!

Cora Harmon

Gabriel Rottweiler Puppies was great to work with. They helped me find the perfect puppy then sent me pictures until she arrive happy and healthy at my door.

Cyndie Ben.

We got Avon from Gabriel Rottweiler Puppies and have never been happier with a dog like this. We are pretty besotted with her – ask anyone! We are very pleased to announce to everyone reading this that "working with this local breeder is just the best", and we are bringing a cute fur baby as a new family member in our home. This puppy has greatand excellent beauty; very well cared for and started on their house training, puppy dewormings, and puppy vaccinations. If you have time to devote to a new puppy, we recommend Gabriel Rottweiler Puppies!

Heather & Family

Good day Lovelies , Chloe and Anna are currently doing great and they're are growing as happy as possible. I’ve sent you some pictures by email so you can enjoy your them as well. They are the Sunshine of our days (Smart babies), They are always playing, giving us love and making funny faces!!! Gabriel Rottweiler Puppies is the number one breeder of all times. My Regards,

George Moore

Hi! Just wanted to drop you an email about the male Rottweiler puppy we bought last weekend. He went to the vet today and checked out great. Gus is doing great! He is really enjoying his new home and surroundings. He is very active and is becoming a King, even over our other rottweiller. We couldn’t have asked for a better puppy! Thank you again for a wonderful puppy Gabriel Rottweiler Puppies!. I will recommend you to anyone and everyone!

Jamie Mahone

Hello Sir, hope you guys are doing great. We had a Female Rottweiler from you 4 weeks ago. We have names her Ollie. She was able to go out for walks last weekend and she's loving it. She's an awesome puppy and an absolute joy to our family. She is growing so fast and here is a picture of her although everyone says that none her pictures are a true reflection of how gorgeous she is in real life. She's friendly to kids and my neighbors Maltase and Doberman dogs, confident and fitted with us perfectly. I personally recommend Gabriel Rottweiler Puppies to whosover wants to adopt a fur baby. Thanks again.

Clara Ben

We got Murphy from Gabriel Rottweiler Puppies two months ago and I most say when Gabriel Rottweiler Puppies told us that Murphy was potty trained I indeed doubted them but since I was bent in getting a fur baby I just wanted to give a try and again I wasn't too sure they will successfuly ship the puppy to me. To my greatest dismay, there are good people out there and Gabriel Rottweiler Puppies is one of them. My puppy is very healthy, doesn't shed exactly as you said it and i'm strictly following all your instructions and taking classes as well. I love Murphy so much and I'm using this opportunity to thank Gabriel Rottweiler Puppies for restoring joy and happiness in my home.

Ortiz Grey Williams

Hello Gabriel Rottweiler Puppies, I was just on your site because I am passing your name along to some friends who are looking for a puppy and I thought I would give you an update. Lola (we finally picked out a name!) is so wonderful! So far our Lola has been so good to us. She just graduated from Puppy Training class and was the popular pup in the class and in Pet Smart. She had a lot of fans no doubt. Gabriel Rottweiler Puppies is just the best! I urge each and evryone with the love to adopt a Rottweiler to stop at Gabriel Rottweiler Puppies and adopt a puppy from them and then thank them later just as I'm doing. Thanks!

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