Rottweiler Puppies Make Excellent Family Pets. Get Yours Today!

Rottweiler Puppies Make Excellent Family Pets. Get Yours Today!

The Rottweiler is one of the more recognizable breeds with his large head, solidly muscled body, and distinctively handsome black-and-tan markings. He is intelligent, strong, and loyal. His fans seem to fall into two camps: Those who consider their dogs to be large but gentle love bugs, and those who wish their dogs to be anything but. News stories of killer Rotties in the hands of inexperienced or less-than-savory owners have turned many people off the bad-to-the-bone dogs, but reputable breeders are picking up the pieces and restoring the reputation of the breed. A word to the wise: Don’t underestimate this dog’s power and protectiveness.

The Rottweiler is a big dog and can weigh up to a hefty 135 pounds, most of it muscle. Bred for generations to use his protective instincts and independent judgment when his family or territory is threatened, this is one tough customer. It’s no surprise that these dogs are used in police work. They’re often the target of laws aimed at controlling or banning dangerous dogs, and some insurance companies won’t sell homeowners’ policies to anyone who owns a Rottweiler.

Even so, it is entirely possible to find a gentle, family-friendly Rottweiler. Rotties from many different backgrounds can be quiet, calm, and easy-going. But all Rottweilers need structured, consistent training from an early age as well as focused socialization around children, strangers, and other pets if they are to be well-adjusted members of the family and well-mannered when taken out in public. Be fair and firm but never mean with the Rottweiler and he will repay you with love and respect.

Even the gentlest, best-behaved Rottweiler can put children, the elderly, smaller adults, and anyone who is unsteady on his feet at risk. A vestige of the dog’s heritage as a cattle herder is bumping — and the nicest Rottie’s idea of a playful nudge might have a much greater impact.

Rotties put on weight easily and need at least a couple of 10- to 20-minute walks daily, plus mental stimulation in the form of training and puzzle toys to keep their bodies and minds in shape. Even five minutes of practicing obedience skills in the backyard will give the Rottie a feeling of accomplishment. Rotties thrive when they have work to do, whether it’s obedience competition, competitive protection work, agility, carting, therapy dog work, or herding.

It’s no surprise that over the years the Rottweiler has excelled as a police dog, herding dog, service dog, therapy dog, and obedience competitor. In fact, the Rottweiler can do nearly anything asked of him, and if you don’t ask, he’ll probably find something to do on his own — which may involve eating your sofa or digging a hole for that swimming pool you always wanted in the backyard. But in the right home, with early socialization and training, the Rottweiler can be a wonderful companion, guardian, and all-around dog. He should live indoors as a family dog.

About us

Breeder of Quality, Health Tested Rottweilers. Our dogs are part of our family, so when we do have a litter the puppies are raised in the home, so mother and pups can be cared for around the clock. We strive for well-adjusted socialised puppies with good temperament. As we raise all our Rottweilers with the highest standards of breed and provide them with all the attention and love they need prior to being delivered to our customer’s home. They are well socialized and spend their time playing with other pets as well as family and friends.

We do this so that when the dog sets foot in your home, he or she is already use to human hands and smell. All our puppies are fond of children. Full DNA Breed profile for colour dilute, Degenerative Myelopathy, Hereditay Heart Disease. As well as Cystinurnia through PennGen tests are done. Spine and Hip x rays are also taken of all breeding stock which are then scored from a radiographer nominated by the German Rottweiler Club of NSW, these are done when the animal is a year old.

All our puppies come with full health check, microchip, vaccinated and preliminary back x-rays, we do preliminary x rays only on the puppies as they can't be fully checked until a year in age.

When we entrust our babies to their new owners, we ensure we have selected a loving home where the new owner knows and acknowledges that we will always be there for any questions or advice. We love receiving ongoing pictures and updates of how their puppy is maturing.

All puppies come with a puppy pack, which consists of a folder with pedigree papers, all vet information, a fact sheet which covers what to and not to feed puppy with, a puppy booklet, and soft toys etc.

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"Our puppies are vet checked and come with recent shots, crates, and more”.
We have also taken our responsibility to provide them with the care and love they deserve.

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My dog is beautiful !!! Love her so much. I wish the dog had arrived sooner, but it seems to depend on the breeder. Worth every penny.. I would recommend Gabriel Rottweiler Puppies if you’re willing to spend the money. Great communication.

Lisa FedroSatisfied Client

Greetings to Gabriel Rottweiler Puppies . You may remember I’m the guy from Ontario Canada who bought from you like 9months ago. Just wanted to give you a little update to let you know he’s doing great. He’s brought a lot of happiness and laughter to the house since January. He’s the biggest clown I’ve ever seen. He’s almost a year old now and weighing 75lbs and he’s a happy healthy big baby .Just Hope all is well with you and thanks again for raising such a great puppy.

Lewis MillerSatisfied Client

We were extremely pleased with our experience. We loved the updates on our puppy and the Puppy Managers were responsive, helpful and easy to reach. We couldn’t be happier with our puppy and appreciate the wonderful service!

Marta MeyerSatisfied Client